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Computer software engineer and Full stack web developer. This is just an overview. Want to know more? Lets grab a coffee!


Working with databases, data structures and algorithms

Creating web/client-server applications, developing for distributed environment using Java

Working with files read/ write to files

Developing mobile applications for IOS

A solid understanding for data, computer components, network switches and components

Developing RubyOnRails web applications

Excellent mathematics skills (mathCad)

Writing scripts using Python/Ruby, Unix command line and scripting skills

Ability to learn new languages quickly

Experience using Git version control system

Writing tests for the whole application (integration test/smoke test), a part of it (Unit test), a bug fix or a new feature (regression test).


Writing front-end pages using old-school JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Or new-school jQuery HAML and LESS/SASS

Experience in using frontend frameworks (Bootstrap/Foundation)

Responsive web applications to suite all the available devices sizes.

Using CMS/CSS/HTML/PHP/Javascript to build complex web pages

I write Javascript frontend applications using Angular or Ember


Understanding software development process, able to test, write code, develop class/objects diagrams, dynamic conceptual models, sequence diagrams, implementing GUI and interpret /write the requirements documents

Ability to use systems techniques in a complex situation in order to provide a wider view of a messy case (including the use of SFM based on the Formal System Model, and precise use of metaphors such as the GAME and chaos metaphors)

Strong analytical skills, able to analyze and problem solve quickly and effectively using diagramming and other methods including: Rich-picture, Spray-diagrams, multiple-causes, and control model diagramming.

About Me


Computer software engineer and Full stack web developer

I am stoked you are here! Thanks for visiting. I might not be the most elegant writer, I might wear my gym gear everywhere, (guilty pleasure alert-I love geeky T-shirts as much as you do!!) and I might not know how to spell... BUT.. I do know how to code, and for that reason none of the above matters.

I have too many hobbies: I love love love running, playing tennis, roller blading, bouldering, hiking the awesome Vancouver mountains (I try very hard not to die) watching movies and shows (yes, GOT and Dextor are on the top of the list), making fancy dinners, counting the stars, being a green tea snob and socializing .. hey don't give me that face!! It's a myth that coders hate people...

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Contect form isn't working here, this is a ststic page, I want to use Parse to get it working https://sendgrid.com/blog/send-email-static-websites-using-parse/ in the meantime contact me on linked-in